Royalty Free Music

If you create podcasts, produce short films, make training videos, or any other type of format/use that might have a need for music as an intro, closing, or background…. you need to check out this site for Royalty Free Music. There are full songs, clips, intros, closings, etc… It has every type of music category and style and is even categorized by feeling.

This is a great resource for royalty free music songs and clips….


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Free Graphics Tools & Generators

Great tool for finding color schemes for sites and graphics:

Add reflections to any image with this tool:

Create tab buttons:

Generate striped backgrounds for your site for with this free online generator:

Create pixel buttons:

Lorem Ipsum generator (generates random text you can use in website templates or during testing):

Build simple web buttons with this button generator: 

Create shiney Web 2.o Style buttons with this :

Another free online glass button generator:

Everything in the past has actually been perfect

I just liked this quote, from The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield… alot.

Everything in the past has actually been perfect. Everything in your past has led you to this transformative moment in time. Everyone – including you – has always done the best they could with what they knew at the time. Now you are about to know more. Celebrate your new awareness! It is about to set you free.

It is from the Introduction in the book.

Business to Business Success…

As usual, Seth has a nice piece today…. No need for me to analyze… just check it out:

Seth Godin:

How to Succeed in Business (to Business)
The secrets might surprise you. The most successful b2b organizations, in my opinion, understand the value of:

Being Centered
We worked very closely with Brian and his team at Viget for a many months building the initial architecture of Squidoo. There are plenty of shops that can do web programming, plenty that claim they can do UI work and plenty that are even hipper than you. There are very few that manage to pull off the kind of work that Viget does. They were on time, on budget and most important, they didn’t cause anyone to lose sleep.

The very things that I look for as a consumer (surprise, fashion, edginess) were in short supply here. Instead, Viget went out of their way to never overpromise. They pushed the hard decisions early in the process so that the thrashing was early, not late. In fact, the end of the process was the most delightful part. Because they know who they are and are clear about it to themselves and to their clients, the chances of making an honest connection with their clients is much higher than someone who is trying to be all things to all people.

Drew Dusebout, a broker/financial planner I know at UBS is the same way. Drew doesn’t make vague promises about financial returns, and he doesn’t get all excited at the latest gimmick. Instead, he’s honest with himself and his colleagues about the world he works in, and his clients always get exactly what they expect. Sure, this is a more difficult way to grow (at first) because you can’t seduce the people who are the most likely to jump ship. You can’t promise some shortcut that gets you the quick clients. But in the long run, I don’t know of any other way to market a service like his.

Here’s the hard part about this: if you’re very good at what you do, you won’t grow. Because lots of people are good at what you do. No one is going to be busy referring you and sending you business just because you’re very good. Sorry.

The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good. In fact, it’s to find something that organizations need and be the very best in the world at it. Hopefully, that thing is something that organizations in your sphere are eager to talk about among themselves. If it is, you win. There’s a line at your door for years to come.

The buzz on the net, check your ideas first

It happens to many of us entrepreneurs…. We wake up one morning and go… ah-ha… this would make a great online business. But then you realize that you have no idea how many people need your idea, or if people are looking for it on the internet, or what other ways they may be looking for the same information.

Next time you wake up with one of those ideas that you would like to find research, try this tool. Just give it a try… I think you will find it useful.

They actually have quite a few other tools that webmasters can use as well. This site is worth a spin, so definitely check it out.

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Free Online Fax

FaxZero allows you to send faxes for free. This free service is supported by, yep, you guessed it, ad revenue. But you know what… it really doesn’t bother me one bit. I think this is great.

The convenience and simplicity they have built in is fantastic. You can type in text to fax, or if you already have a document you need to fax, you can attach a PDF file, Microsoft Word Doc, or an Excel Spreadsheet.

The free version of FaxZero has a two fax per day limitation, but this is fine with me as I don’t have a need to send many more than that anyway. As you would expect, you can send faxes that do not have any ads on the cover page. To send a fax without any ads will cost $1.99 per fax.

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