Conference calling… FREE! Including recording.

This is one of my favorite tools out there… if you are an infopreneur, consultant, life coach, business coach, or any other entrepreneur that has a need to utilize conference calls… you should probably check out They even offer free recording for playback or download. I often hold teleconferences using this service.

Another site with a similar and great service is

Both sites are very similar, but the the first one ( offers free recording so I tend to use that one now more than the other. Additionally, they offer a couple of other services that I like, such as Online meetings and Voice Messaging (both in and out).

Get an 800 number, voicemail, etc…

I have looked at almost all of the virtual PBX providers, and the one I finally landed on was

The have great features and as of right now you can get a true 800 number for free. Most of the time you have to pay a premium for a true 800 number instead of an 866 or 877 number.

They also have pretty much all of the features you can find anyplace ese, such as:

  • Call Forwarding
  • voicemail
  • Follow Me
  • Multiple Boxes
  • Marketing Extensions
  • Dial by Name
  • Call Screening
  • Call Out
  • Call Logs
  • Online administration
  • ….etc…

There are certainly others that are good as well. It usually comes down to the provider that you have the best experience with at the time… and RingCentral was that provider for me as I my experience with their customer service quite nice.

Good luck!

Make it a great day!

If you need a little money…

Entrepreneurs often have a need for capital. If you need a little money, up to $25,000, you may find just what you are looking for at This site essentially enables users to lend and borrow from one another through this fantastic tool.

If you need to grow your business, buy some equipment, increase your inventory, or any other need you may have… just sign up, and ask.

OR, maybe you have a little extra money to lend someone. Go to to lend some money and make a nice return. The risk is of course still there, but this model, and the chance for greater return since you aren’t using a middleman (i.e. the bank), certainly makes this an opportunity worth checking out.

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