This is from the Sasquatch Music Festival 2009…    This guy was all alone in his own little world, while many made fun of him (secretly jealous, mind you) and laughed as he entertained everyone without a care in the world.

Next thing you know… The Tipping Point, which appeared to me to be guy number 3.  Guy number 3 was definitely the catalyst, and when guys 4 and 5 joined… it was on!  People not only wanted to join, they ran to join.

This lone, crazy guy started a dance party all on his own at the top of a hill at the Sasquatch Music festival, as far away from the music and main crowd as you could be….

What can you do?      What can you start?

In order to understand just how far from the stage this guy was, and how small this one guy was on the outskirts of a sea of people… see a longer version here showing the bigger picture…

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