ElegantThemesWordpressI decided to review Elegant Themes WordPress Themes because I use them so much and recommend them all the time to friends, coaching clients, and other folks interested in keeping a blog or building a website for business or fun.  I’ll just tell you now, that this Elegant Themes Review will be telling you how these Wordpress Themes are fantastic.    I just don’t see any negatives in joining Elegant Themes.

The best thing about joining the Elegant Themes WordPress Theme “club” is that you get access to an ever growing and improved set of themes.  Nick actually improves all of his themes all the time.  If you downloaded a them in the past, but notice that one of the new themes has a feature or capability that you think you want… no fear, Nick will almost certainly bring that feature to the older themes with an update in the very near future.  I know, I know… this sounds like he might have paid me to write this review of Elegant Themes…  He didn’t, I’m just a huge fan.

Another thing I really like is the fact that that these themes can be used for blogs (of course), but they can also be used for regular websites, or professional business websites.   Many of them come with option of not looking too bloggy, if that’s even a word :).   I’m always looking for WordPress Themes that don’t look too much like a blog, but instead can be used for professional business websites. 

There are so many options for the use of these themes that its crazy… I used them in many different niche websites that I build or manage.   And, of course, if I need to customize these themes, no problem.  They are built so nicely that some customization can now take place in the actual admin area of the theme itself…  Elegant Themes have built in what they call the “epanel”… which is basically just a boatload of options built into the WordPress Admin area for the theme options.  The page, post, front page, and widget options are numerous and helpful!

Lastly, once you become a member… you get access to the forum.  Each Elegant Theme has its own board and where you can discuss or showcase or get support for each WordPress Theme.  I have even asked for help customizing, and Elegant Themes will actually just upload a new version of the code for me… This wasn’t expected, or asked for… they just did it.  That is awesome!  Now, they aren’t going to customize the crap out of your sites for you and you should’nt expect this either… but I can say that they do go above and beyond… big time!

Well, I can honestly say that I hope you end up joining the club… because I know you’ll be satisfied… it will surely be the best 20 bucks you have spent on WordPress in a long time! 

Best of luck!  I hope this review of Elegant Themes and their WordPress Themes has been helpful!    Once you join, let me know what you think… leave a comment.

Make it a great day!

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