If you are like many HR Professionals, you may be wondering how to utilize this Social Media thing in your HR processes.

Where does Social Media fit in HR, which HR processes can be integrated with Social Media, and what in the world could it do for me and my organization?

Here are just a few ways you may incorporate Social Media into HR processes

Social Media for Recruiting:

  • While some Social Media platforms are quite known for their recruiting/jobs/sourcing capabilities, don’t sell the other platforms short.  Facebook, for instance may be the place where you share your vacation pictures or catch up with your old high-school alumni, but it can be a powerful source to quickly and easily ask the people you trust most if they know anyone that fits your current recruiting needs.
  • If you are looking for highly talented individuals that are not only good at what they do, but also passionate enough about it to share their knowledge with others, you may look to almost all of the Social Media platforms to supplement your regular HR Recruiting processes:   LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all have people chattering 24/7  about the things they love… and not only that but they also self-identify themselves by interest, organizations they like, organizations they work for, etc.
  • Building on the bullet point above, go to the video sharing sites for real experts.  Youtube and Vimeo, for instance are full of individuals not only sharing videos of cats puking (ewweee…, I know, but its true), but if you are looking for an expert on computer programming, biology, math, engineering, janitorial services, etc, etc, etc…  I’m certain you can find not only a person posting videos, but whole list of your potential employees commenting and adding value.
  • Ok, so now you’ve received a few resumes… lets go google-stalking 🙂   Simply start googling and facebook searching for the candiate’s name, email address, username, etc… If you find that your top candidate is doing keg-stands every night of the week, and constantly posting statuses that indicate they hate their job, are tired, have an aweful boss, etc… it may be time to move on to the next.

Social Media for Community and Fan Building

  • Many Organizations and HR departments are afraid to build communities (and fans) on Facebook, LinkedIn or other Social Media platforms…. They are afraid of showing a bad image, public bashing of the organization, inappropriate language, etc.   BUT, the reality, if you do it right you don’t need to be afraid.   Just develop an HR Policy on Social Media and then encourage your employees to participate.
  • Your Fans and your employees can interact, sharing ideas and making connections that grow and extend way beyond the pushing of the “Like” button.    You simply cannot do better than having employees and/or fans talking about you in a good light and spreading the word for you.
  • “But Shane, what about those negative comments?”   Well, first off, I would simply say that if people are leaving negative comments there is a reason for it and the negative comment isn’t actually the problem… the problem is the problem.  Really!   And in fact, these people are doing you a favor by giving you real world feedback that if you want to succeed, you should listen to.
  • “But Shane, some people are truly just rude….”  Yep, they are.  And for those people we have a thing called moderation.     Just delete those comments if they get too offensive, personal, or are simply just meant to attack for no purpose but to hurt.   OR… better yet, take the opportunity to address every negative comment and let the whole world know that you are listening, responding appropriately, and when appropriate you recognize an issue or a wrong doing and are taking corrective action.
  • Build a great organization.   Encourage and listen to feedback from fans and non-fans, employees and non-employees… and then make corrections.  Then, repeat!

Social Media for Customer Training and Collaboration

  • Organizations and HR departments could wish for no better platform to train customers, receive feedback, and work together with your customers to build the next version of whatever you do whether that is a product or a service.
  • Hold contests for the best video, blog post, status update, etc… and then invite users to vote and spread the word… Again, can y0u say “free PR”?


I hope this gets you thinking about ways to incorporate Social Media into your organizational leadership and HR processes.  I certainly have more ideas, but this post is getting long and I want to hear from you… Please leave a comment.

Make it a great day!


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