Planning: Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

I believe that you need to develop the brand versus over prepping the brand. You have can’t get caught up in scaling risks versus rewards. I intend to move forward and assume the risk. It may be a bit overly optimistic, but overly optimistic can help overcome obstacles. We thrived during a difficult time, when other businesses were struggling to survive. My success has been going against the grain and taking on challenges with optimism and honesty. The rewards have come when I have assumed the risk.

Stop planning and take action.

  • Constant planning does not serve you.

People have the natural tendency to scale risk more than they scale reward. They look at what they are not, instead of what they are. If you do that in business, you will fail. Do not be afraid to go into deep water. You shouldn’t measure when you’re going to have success, you should measure how you are going to have success.

  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Take the risk. You must go all in. Every task, every project and every endeavor needs full effort. If you do not put in full effort the tasks, the projects, and the endeavors will yield poor results.

  • Live on purpose.

No one comes into wealth on accident. To maximize your goals and vision it must be done on purpose. Every step in the path needs to be taken with deliberate action. Pay attention to each opportunity and take the lessons they provide. Once you decide to do life purposely, you become an unstoppable force.

If you have limited to no success in business, it is because you are thinking forward, but not moving forward. Stop planning and take action. Go out and grind.

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