Three Agreements you make with yourself

On a recent trip to Petra, Jordan I was struck with a moment of self-reflection and perspective. I was not one of the fortunate lucky ones when it comes to wealth. I have worked diligently and honestly to make it where I am today. As I sat before the fire sipping the warm tea, both of which were prepared by Mohammed, the nine-year-old boy who lived in the caves in the area, I thought about the three agreements I made with myself.

The right mindset is paramount to a business plan and achieving your goals or vision. You must make agreements with yourself and set those boundaries to achieve success.

Three agreements to yourself:

1.           Never lie to make money.

2.           Make sure I leave with money.

3.           Never sacrifice my integrity.

I have followed and taught these three agreements throughout my professional career at it has served me well. Here in Petra surrounded by its’ beauty and warmed by the fire, I considered the perspective of young Mohammed. Every bit of money he made to take care of us Americans was a boon to him and his family. In the caves of Jordan, Mohammed had made some agreements with himself.

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